Welcome to The Rundown! I started this newsletter as a way to directly connect with other runners—whether they first laced up for the middle school cross-country team or started running during the pandemic.

For the better part of the last decade, I’ve written about health and fitness for magazines like Runner’s World, Women’s Running, the Wall Street Journal, Men’s Journal. It felt like time to create my own space within the running community.

The beauty of writing on my own platform is that I can cover any topic I want at any time (without catering to the whims of SEO trends and social media algorithms): Sometimes I’ll report the latest running news and trends. Sometimes I’ll do Q&As with athletes or leaders in the running industry, or share essays based on my own experiences. And sometimes I’ll write straight service articles that can help you become a better runner.

Running is about so much more than the physical act of putting one foot in front of the other. It can be a way to challenge yourself or take risks, to learn, grow, and inspire. It’s a way of connecting to others—and yourself.

To that end, I want to know what stories you’re most interested in reading! If you have an idea for a future story, just email me at ashleyrunsco@gmail.com with “story idea” in the subject line. This newsletter is a direct line from me to you, and it goes both ways.

About Me:

I’m an award-winning journalist and editor who currently works as a freelance writer and editorial consultant. I actually started as a music journalist, but eventually moved over to health and fitness before going all-in on running after running my first marathon in 2016.

I still write for a number of national magazines and newspapers (you can see my work here), and I’m a RRCA- and UESCA-certified running coach working with Kinesis Integrated Performance (I’m based in Denver, by way of New York City). My favorite race distance is the marathon, I’m obsessed with oversized sunglasses, and I nerd out on all kinds of running tech.

You can follow me on Instagram here and on TikTok here.

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because running is about so much more than just putting one foot in front of the other


Ashley Mateo

words for @wsj, @runnersworld, @womensrunning, @mensjournal, @womenshealthmag, and more | RRCA- and UESCA-certified running coach